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  • Trump Executives American and British trainers
  • Trump Executives International Czech trainers
  • Trump Executives Certified executive coaches
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  • Trump Executives Competitive prices
  • Trump Executives Positive ROI
  • Trump Executives Money-back guarantee
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LinkedIn Recruitment

  • EU fundsLinkedIn training for recruiters, headhunters, resourcers and other HR professionals.

  • - Maximize your LinkedIn capabilities
  • - Skyrocket the volume of candidates
  • - Reduce costs on recruitment

Refer a Company

  • Porsche CaymanContribute to closing a deal and get paid or receive new Porsche.

  • - commission of 10% to 15%
  • - luxury vacations, cars and more

Sales Coaching

Money back guarantee
  • Duration: 3 to 6 months
  • Language: English, Czech, Slovak and Hungarian
  • Place: at your company premises
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  • 100% money-back guarantee

Why put your company money at risk by purchasing a sales training without any guarantees of a beneficial effect. We are so confident with our expertise that we can offer you a low-risk option where we get paid only in case of successful improvement of your sales results.

We take the responsibility for the improvement of your business results on our own. Our team of successful sales professionals from different industries are motivated to do the best to expand results of your sales teams to a higher level. Without that we are not getting paid. If we together improve your sales revenues, we will get a commission from the extra amount we brought to your company through our influence.

Sales coaching directly affects your sales representatives over their direct supervisors. We are not trying to change your company structure nor the company strategy. Sales coaching is a completely independent element applicable to any sales team.

Our coaches worked in sales as sales managers as well as sales representatives and did it very succesfully. This is proven by the fact that they were promoted to sales managers and country managers leading up to 100 people based on their sales results. They are experienced within banking, insurance, retail, pharma, real estate, IT and other sectors. Now you have a chance to utilize these experts to reach your business goals.

Key features

  • guaranteed sales coaching financially covered by a commission from extra revenues - low-risk training solution
  • 3 to 6 months coaching based on the individual company
  • sustainable future sales results
  • professional team of sales coaches with practical experience

How does it work

1. Meeting with the company management. Firstly we will arrange a meeting with the directors of your company where we observe the situation in the company with focus on the sales results. We will present you our strategy, our sales coaches and our methodology. We will agree upon the procedure which will be applied to your sales teams in order to improve their performance.

2. In-house coaching of your sales managers /representatives. Our sales coaches meet your sales supervisors with direct influence on the sales representatives. Each of your managers spends one full day in a week with our coach who is advising him, mentoring him and observing his behavior. Our coach will apply different sales tools and methods in order to improve actual revenues. This period takes 3 to 6 months. After this period your sales manager is self-sustainable and our coach is checking his progress regularly.

3. Results assessment. After a sales period (a year usually) the results are summarized and compared to the previous period. Based on the results our company is getting paid based on the agreed commission.

4. Coaching aftercare. Your sales managers continue in leading your sales teams without our further assistance. If it is necessary to refresh gained practical experience of your staff, it is possible to purchase individual coaching sessions.


As there is only a limited number of really skilled sales coaches and our sales team is in demand, take into account that it might take some time till we can start working for you. This time is based on your specific industry.


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Executive Director

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