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  • Trump Executives American and British trainers
  • Trump Executives International Czech trainers
  • Trump Executives Certified executive coaches
  • Trump Executives International assignments
  • Trump Executives Competitive prices
  • Trump Executives Positive ROI
  • Trump Executives Money-back guarantee
  • Trump Executives Positive word of mouth
  • Trump Executives Strong client base

  • Trump Executives references

LinkedIn Recruitment

  • EU fundsLinkedIn training for recruiters, headhunters, resourcers and other HR professionals.

  • - Maximize your LinkedIn capabilities
  • - Skyrocket the volume of candidates
  • - Reduce costs on recruitment

Refer a Company

  • Porsche CaymanContribute to closing a deal and get paid or receive new Porsche.

  • - commission of 10% to 15%
  • - luxury vacations, cars and more

Finance your corporate training completely from EU funds. Risk-free opportunity!

European Union - EU grants Do you want Trump Executives corporate training and executive coaching for free? Are you in charge of a small, mid-size or a large company? Then we have the right solution for you and your company!

100% costs coverage of your project

Trump Executives can earn money for corporate training projects from European Union funds with outstanding 80% success rate. We are able to take care of the complete EU grant procedure from the initial project design to drawing the EU money itself. With EU grant money you can cover 100% of your expenses for the project related to your executives, managers and other employees training and coaching. These facts make it a very impressive opportunity.

Major advantages of EU financing

  • About 35,000 to 580,000 EUR (1 to 15 million CZK) of available funds per project.
  • 100% project costs coverage - making it a completely risk-free opportunity.
  • 80% success rate of approvals with EU grant partner.
  • Minimal time intensity with our assistance.
  • Possibility of including other costs than just training and coaching such as salaries, travel expenses, laptops, office material, furniture, construction arrangements, etc.

Main disadvantages you can expect

  • Necessity to wait for the specific EU call.
  • Waiting time for the EU project approval is about 8-10 months.
  • Successful approval of the EU grant is not 100% guaranteed.

We understand your time is expensive, therefore we designed our system of acquiring EU funds with attention to this fact. Most of the work will be done by our side in cooperation with our EU grant partner who is a leader in the field of EU grants in the Czech Republic.

The proven records include plenty of successfully realized projects for hundred millions CZK. You can be sure that you will maximize your chances for successful approval with our cooperation.

The examples of successfully accepted EU projects for 2009:

  • Sodexo: 5.916.771 CZK
  • ElectroWorld: 11.538.576 CZK
  • Logica: 5.916.771 CZK
  • Škoda Machine Tool: 6.513.069 CZK
  • IBA: 3.518.956 CZK
  • ArcelorMittal Distribution: 4.073.330 CZK
  • Mediatel: 4.627.714 CZK
  • CK Fischer: 4.020.955 CZK
  • and many others.

In the case of an unsuccessful application, you do not heve to pay a penny. We take this risk on our side. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

If you are interested in this great opportunity, feel free to contact us. We are ready to start working on your training project immediately!