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LinkedIn Recruitment

  • EU fundsLinkedIn training for recruiters, headhunters, resourcers and other HR professionals.

  • - Maximize your LinkedIn capabilities
  • - Skyrocket the volume of candidates
  • - Reduce costs on recruitment

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  • - commission of 10% to 15%
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Advanced LinkedIn Sourcing Techniques for Recruiters and HR Professionals

Money back guarantee
  • Duration: 6 hours (one day training)
  • Group: up to 15 attendees
  • Language: English or Czech
  • Place: off-site or at your company premises
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  • 100% money-back guarantee

LinkedIn recruitment academy

Trump Executives and the personnel agency Jobs Consulting presents LINREA, a LinkedIn recruitment academy.

We proudly present to you a brand new LinkedIn training course called People as Merchandise: Crack the Code to LinkedIn Recruitment. Unlock the power of LinkedIn with this unique course designed specifically for personnel agencies, corporate staffing departments and HR professionals. With our training you can boost productivity, fill more positions and beat your competition.

Training goals

  • Maximize LinkedIn capabilities for your recruitment needs to improve results and profits
  • Rapidly reduce costs on recruitment by utilizing social recruitment, LinkedIn non-paid account especially
  • Get the edge over other recruiters by improving LinkedIn search techniques and uncovering hidden talent pools
  • Beat your competition by maximizing the efficiency and increasing your success rate
  • Skyrocket the volume of reachable candidates and make sure that you are truly finding all of the possible candidates on LinkedIn
  • Proceed with immediate action steps to use LinkedIn progressively
  • Boosting productivity of whole recruitment teams at corporations and personnel agencies

Target group

  • Recruiters, headhunters, HR professionals, researchers, corporate staffing personnel
  • Personnel agencies, executive search firms, corporations and individual HR professionals

Training content

  • Introduction to social recruitment and the role of LinkedIn in it
  • An assessment of attendees' LinkedIn profile and social recruitment preparedness
  • What are current and future trends in social recruitment
  • What is the overall LinkedIn recruitment strategy for passive talent acquisition
  • What are the most important LinkedIn profile sections for recruitment
  • What are the main LinkedIn networking goals for recruiters
  • How to effectively increase the number of connections without being banned
  • How you should act based on your actual individual LinkedIn network development
  • How to squeeze the maximum amount from LinkedIn People Search
  • How to uncover hidden talent pools (i.e. candidates your competition is not aware of)
  • What are Boolean and X-Ray searches and how to benefit from them
  • What are Boolean modifiers, operators and field commands and why you need to use them
  • How to proceed with conceptual search, implicit search, natural language search, indirect search
  • How to proceed with advanced techniques such as semantic search, probabilistic and exhaustive search
  • How to find user contact information when it is not available, every time
  • How to find email address for nearly any candidate in the world
  • What is user diversity and what challenges does it bring
  • How to automate candidate search using LinkedIn and third party services
  • Which contact methods are the most effective and how to measure their efficiency
  • How to compose messages which candidates cannot ignore
  • How to uncover the hidden and private LinkedIn profiles of your potential candidates
  • How to observe your competitors activity on LinkedIn
  • How to penetrate foreign LinkedIn Groups and establish groups to make them work for you
  • What are real costs of LinkedIn recruitment
  • Which paid and premium features are the most important
  • When it pays off to upgrade to LinkedIn premium
  • How to override limits for non-premium users
  • The latest LinkedIn and sourcing updates for recruiters

Each attendee will get

  • Pre-training assessment of attendee’s LinkedIn profile and recruitment skills
  • 6 hours of intensive training
  • An individual feedback session with post-training assessment (optional)
  • The book People as Merchandise: Crack the Code to LinkedIn Recruitment
  • LINREA.com certification based on the individual assessment results
  • A training report will be delivered to competent managers

Trainer and consultant

Josef Kadlec belongs among the first LinkedIn recruiters in Europe who first recognized the power of passive talents. As a hardcore software engineer from Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering in Prague, hired by an IT corporation, he founded his own recruitment company and later also the training agency Trump Executives. His future vision is not to stop changing the job market in favor of both candidates and companies by applying an analytical approach and cross-field experience. He is always eager to seek new innovative ways of doing things. Josef is also the author of the new unorthodox LinkedIn recruitment cookbook People as Merchandise: Crack the Code to LinkedIn Recruitment.

Need more information?

Josef Kadlec - Trump Executives          Feel free to reach Josef:

Josef Kadlec
entrepreneur, headhunter and broken-arm author

  • Phone: +420 602 797 530
  • E-mail: kadlec@trumpexecutives.eu
  • PA: +420 212 242 701 (English and Czech)

"People as Merchandise, with its no-nonsense pragmatic approach, is an indispensable tool for today's recruitment professionals and entrepreneurs."
Barbara Corcoran, founder of The Corcoran Group, author, and investor on ABC's 'Shark Tank'

"A catchy name. An engaging cover. A gripping content. An attractive credibility. The list goes on and on. People as Merchandise is not another vague guide, rather a piece of art among recruitment manuals. Definitely a no-brainer for all recruiters."
Jeanne E. Branthover, Managing Director at Boyden and the World's Most Influential Headhunter by BusinessWeek

"By page 19, I was hooked, highlighting complete pages and writing notes. Josef Kadlec really gets it! Many people will be upset after this is published. You won't be one of them."
David E. Perry, recruiting black-belt, rogue recruiter, and co-author of Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0

"People as Merchandise is not only a social recruitment bible but also an ultimate networking guide. Being a manager at a world-leading employment agency places high demands on providing complex services. We need to recruit, network and acquire information about our prospects as well. And these subjects are exactly where Josef's book delivers."
Agnieszka Nordbo, General Manager at Randstad

"People as Merchandise excels where others fail. I highly recommend Josef ’s book to any HR and staffing manager."
Horst Gallo, Director HR at IBM