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Business / Executive Coaching

Training Details

Money back guarantee
  • Duration: 90 min per week
  • Contract: 3 or 6 month contract
  • Group: individually or up to 10 attendees
  • Language: native English, Czech or Dutch
  • Place: On-site or Off-site
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Coaching Targets

Executive Coaching (or Business Coaching) means a partnership between the sponsoring organization, a performance coach and a senior leader, the aim of which is to improve individual learning and development skills and at the time, achieve the agreed-upon business goals.

Only strategic and individualized performance coaching can be effective. It is necessary to create a balance between the needs of an individual and the needs of the organization. It is necessary to tailor the performance coaching to these needs and aspirations of each individual in order to engage and motivate them. To deliver proper business results, it is also necessary to tailor the coaching to the vision, strategy and values of the organization.

Coaching Target Group

A performance coaching program's prime objective is always to improve company business results. Performance coaching will help coachees identify their most typical and reflexive, managerial behavioral responses, and determine when these are responsive or not to the task at hand or aligned with corporate strategy, vision and values.

Performance Coaching Services

  • Our performance coaching program involves a series of personalized one-on-one interactions between an individual and our coaches using a variety of media. The program target is to accelerate the development of the individual.
  • Use of insight, information, tools, guidance and feedback allow us to help individuals build their leadership skills in an effective and credible way.
  • We try to change the behaviour of individuals, helping them to improve strategies skills, which today's and tomorrow's leaders need to meet their organizational challenges.
  • We help the client deal with each of the phases of the coaching process (PLANNING/CONTRACTING; ASSESSMENT;ACTION PLANNING; ON-GOING COACHING;MEASUREMENT).
  • We have considerable experience in the world of business, working in NY, NY and providing Marketing Management services in Prague.
  • Thanks to the support of assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard, Dr. Srini Pillay, on the neuroscience of decision making, we are able locate areas of the brain where anxiety may be coming from and use this information to pinpoint blind spots, which in turn block management’s effectiveness.

How is coaching being used today?

The introduction of performance coaching into organizations is made in a variety of ways, including:

  • By aligning a company-wide strategic plan focusing on leadership development.
  • By a designated level of leadership.
  • By department.
  • By individual, case-by-case assignment.

Who is a candidate for coaching?

  • Senior leaders assuming an international assignment involving regular contact with colleagues from different cultures.
  • Leader in transition (i.e. either moving to a new role, or experiencing significant change in present role).
  • Leadership team operating in an unstable, high-change environment.
  • High Potential (i.e. individual with leadership traits necessary for future success).
  • Division Performance promoted as a result of technical skills with limited management experience.
  • Remedial assignments in order to address listening, communication and/or leadership style issued with mid to senior leaders.
  • Targeted skill-building assignments focusing on improvement of an individual’s performance in their present role (e.g., team dynamics; strategic planning; performance management).
  • Developmental assignments focused on ‘rounding out’ and grooming an individual for new areas of responsibility.
  • Derailed management who have “lost contact” or “given up” with the organization.

Coaching process steps?

Phases in the Performance Coaching process include:

  • ASSESSMENT (360-degree feedback; Other Assessment Tools; Interviews with Key Stakeholders).

Throughout the PLANNING/CONTRACTING to MEASUREMENT stages of the coaching impact, I will:

  • Meet with organization representatives in order to understand the history and context behind the coaching request.
  • Contract with the client organization to gain agreement on the particulars for the coaching assignment.
  • Meet with the individual to be coached and the individual’s manager to ensure their commitment to the process.
  • Collect data for assessment of the individual through 360-degree feedback; other behavior style techniques; and/or interviews with key stakeholders.
  • Meet with individuals to communicate and interpret assessment results.
  • Gain agreement on the desired outcomes and measurement of the coaching partnership.
  • Help individuals construct a targeted development action plan and strategy for following up with key stakeholders.
  • In addition to our standard in-person meetings we can provide supplementary coaching through a variety of media (telephone; electronic; video-conference).

Use customized mini-surveys and other defined measurement tools at pre-designated intervals (3, 6 and 12 months) to provide measurement of perceived behavioral change from key stakeholders

  • Assist individuals in developing a plan for on-going continuous improvement.
  • Meet with the individual and supervisor to reinforce improvement and determine next steps.


Contracting is a crucial component of the Performance Coaching Process. Its purpose is to ensure clarity and agreement between both the individuals being coached, as well as the client organization.

Contracting for Performance Coaching will at least address the following items:

  • Purpose of the coaching assignment and the desired outcomes.
  • What a successful outcome will be and how will success be measured and determined.
  • Types of assessments which will be used.
  • Cost and timeframes.
  • Identification and roles of key stakeholders.
  • Boundaries of confidentiality.
  • Guidelines of how the individual and the coach interact with the on-going coaching phase.
  • How the coach will or will not work with other members of the individual’s team.

Why Coaching?

The main value of coaching is the fact that it improves bottom–line results by enhancing the effectiveness of performances, within a defined timeframe. Coaching improves business performance and at the same time brings balance, perspective and fulfillment to both personal and professional lives.

What can be expected from our coaches?

Reliability, confidentiality; specialty knowledge of behavior change; support, direct and honest feedback, challenge, commitment to your agenda, growth and objectivity.

Need more information?

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