Why Choose Us

  • Trump Executives American and British trainers
  • Trump Executives International Czech trainers
  • Trump Executives Certified executive coaches
  • Trump Executives International assignments
  • Trump Executives Competitive prices
  • Trump Executives Positive ROI
  • Trump Executives Money-back guarantee
  • Trump Executives Positive word of mouth
  • Trump Executives Strong client base

  • Trump Executives references

LinkedIn Recruitment

  • EU fundsLinkedIn training for recruiters, headhunters, resourcers and other HR professionals.

  • - Maximize your LinkedIn capabilities
  • - Skyrocket the volume of candidates
  • - Reduce costs on recruitment

Refer a Company

  • Porsche CaymanContribute to closing a deal and get paid or receive new Porsche.

  • - commission of 10% to 15%
  • - luxury vacations, cars and more

About Us

Trump Executives is a private company with over 8+ years of international experience in the fields of corporate training and business coaching being provided preferably by American and British trainers.

Trump Executives We provide top-notch professional services to managers, leaders and entrepreneurs at any level. Our services are often used by sales and support engineers or consultants who needs to enhance their soft-skills and managerial skill-set.

We offer coaches in native English and Czech. They are not only university calibre but their abilities are proven by accredited certification authorities in London and Prague. Our coaches and trainers work in technology, banking, retail, financial services, local government, oil industry and health services.

Their style is energetic, big picture and performance driven. When needed, they can take an upbeat and galvanizing approach to coaching. They have a natural ability to get on to their clients' wavelength from where they can both empathize and challenge.

Why Choose Us

Trump Executives American and British trainers
Our primary expertise is business training provided by American and British certified trainers and coaches. We feel that we can significantly help to promote companies to international level.

Trump Executives 8+ years of proven experience
We have been successfully providing our services for more than 8 years. We are on track with the latest coaching methods and trends. Also our corporate trainings are still evolving according to the latest global needs.

Trump Executives Certified executive coaches
Our coaches are certified by accredited coaching authorities such as Behavioral Coaching Institute in London and others. Our executives coaches are also certified members of ICF (International Coach Federation) and ICC (International Coaching Council).

Trump Executives Native English and Czech
Trump Executives provides coaches in native English widely used by international companies. On the other side, Czech coaches are utilized by managers without the ability to communicate in a foreign language.

Trump Executives International assignments
Our coaches can provide experience not only from the Czech Republic but they managed assignments in New Zealand, the United States, Netherlands and Belgium.

Trump Executives Competetive prices and positive ROI (Return on Investment)
The merit of our service is in alignment with its price. All our clients benefit from our training and coaching or can present positive ROI (Return on Investment). For instance studies on executive coaching showed that certified coaching adds 5 to 10% in goal attainment and increases overall team morale by 30%. Related to the corporate training you will see the results immediately!

Trump Executives Satisfaction guarantee
We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We are so confident with our services that we give you risk-free, money-back guarantee. You love it or you get your money back.

Trump Executives Positive word of mouth
Meeting our coaches is not just another common training or coaching. It is strong experience. Providing high-quality services is our primary goal.

Trump Executives Strong client base
We had a great chance to provide our services to the international corporations such as Microsoft, Vodafone, Honeywell, Shell, McKinsey & Company and Nestle. But also for companies with a strong base in the Czech Republic such as Ceska Sporitelna, Servodata and CSOB.

We also administrated courses at Goverment institutions such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic.

Find more client references in the section References.